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Friday, January 11, 2013

Mapei Grout Instructions

 Mapei Grout Instructions

The mapei grout instructions joint three simple steps

Step 1 - Prepare the area:

• Clean all the bushes and ineffective joint, to make sure the area is free from the station
Water, mud, dust and mud.
• the excess mapei grout shell and spacing to ensure removal.
Strong pitting tiles, unglazed tiles, and - certain types of tile
Oval, with a rough or jagged surface of grout requires special preparation.
(This can be protected by the application layer encapsulating, which is necessary to impede
Permanent mapei grout instructions particles and color pigment).

Step 2 - mixed and applied mapei grout :

• mapei grout with a damp cloth or sponge, wet the tiles;
A minimum of water and dry limbs.
Then a 45-degree angle, keep floating joint forces will spend
The nonporous couples.
• a rubber boat of the tile surfaces 90, to remove excess water slurry °
The angle (perpendicular to the tile surface), while the movement of the diagonal of the tile

Step 3 - Clean:

Once the grout is clean, there is no more start-ups
Transfer the mapei grout on a finger (usually 10 to 30 minutes).
Never a brick and mapei grout on the surface for a long period of time to continue
To close the first cleaning.
The clean water to be used, they may be at the surface of the joint clay. More water
The discoloration joint.
And the use of clean ball joint
The entire floor grout.
They wipe with their own hands, he was down to sponge wash with water, without the use of additional
Articular surface of the tile or grout.
• change the water and rinse. (A few buckets of water, clean hands
The simplified process. )
• Ensure that all tile mapei grout dry thoroughly before cleaning.
• About
Back an hour, and then with a clean, soft cloth towel pale yellow tiles
Or gauze to remove any remaining haze.

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