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Monday, January 7, 2013

Mapei Grout Refresh

Mapei Grout Refresh  

I am looking for opinions on Mapei Grout Refresh. We just renovated our bathroom, and I made ​​the mistake of applying for white joints on the floor and the walls / shower walls. The installer made ​​the mistake with acrylipro glue on the walls of the shower. I understand that the water in the joints and base deficit to acrylipro, soft, even if I seal the joints. Another problem is that the installer sanded grout (Mapei Ultracolor Plus) was used for all the work. Is sanded grout, I expect to keep it clean and to a nightmare.

 So, I thought maybe instead of closing, my mortar, I would like the Mapei grout dye use (accurate color matching) on my joints the mortar waterproof special. I would also be able to purify the white joints easier, and if I may need another layer to give, or touch bowl. I also do not need to seal afterwards. 

If I simply just to seal, and it is really dirty, I'm kinda screwed, because you can not dye to seal. I know what to say .... "The whole thing should be scrapped and replaced, but that is not an option now. Has anyone had experience with the Mapei Adhesive Refresh (dye)? As you can see from the pictures I have many joint and thought it would be a dye that are order to facilitate maintenance, and perhaps help prevent the ingress of water into the acrylipro in the shower.

How To Refresh Mapei Grout

Mapei Grout Refresh is difficult to keep clean than non-polished.

You have bathtub, you will be very easy. The area, generally require space, tub is a problem. Bathroom floor tiles, and the first two lines of the biggest beating.

I will cover you grout sealing machine is really good quality saturated, and from there.

No need to paint, but the choice, if you want.

Do not wet mop the floor, use Microfiber dry mop. Wet dirty grout dragged him than anything else.

Grout sealing machine will not be able to stop this dirty, but iwll make it easier to maintain and clean.

I rarely see any of your bathroom walls were dirty, even if used. Blade walls of each shower, you should be fine.

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